Bird Pest Control – Pigeon Removal Tips

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Who does not love to watch pigeons play in the garden? But when these pigeons start making a home near your window, AC, terrace, or garden then it becomes a menace. Moreover, their droppings are not just bad for the aesthetic beauty of your home/office but can also be dangerous for humans and other animals. Thankfully there are various simple humane methods to get rid of pigeons without harming them.

Before you opt for any of the following pigeon removal methods, you must check the local and national laws of your area regarding the protection status of pigeons and which methods you are legally allowed to use to control them. 

With Complete Knowledge, You Can Use Any Of The Following Methods For Effective Results:

Seal Entrances

  1. Seal the Attic

    – First of all, seal the space above the rafters. This is a common place for pigeons to roost and make their nest. Also, seal the gaps in the siding of your building or between the roof shingles. You can use silicone caulk, plastic bird netting, or hardware cloth. It is also advisable to trim tree branches growing close to the roof to avoid access to the attic.
  2. Cover Chimneys

    – Chimneys are usually a favourite place for pigeons as they love roosting in chimneys. Use stainless steel mesh caps. This will allow the smoke to escape but will not allow the animals to enter. Make sure not to trap any pigeons while you cap the area.
  1. Use Mesh

    – Using mesh to prevent pigeons is one of the best options and the most humane one as well. Cover those areas with mesh where pigeons usually perch. For instance, pigeons find it easy to lay eggs and roost under air conditioning units.
  2. Hire Professionals

    ­– You can also hire professionals to get rid of pigeons and ensure that don’t re-enter. They use a one-way door to do so. If there is some mess created by pigeons, like droppings, then also you can take professional help. Professional pest controllers have the proper equipment to thoroughly clean the area.

Stop Inviting Pigeons

  1. Use Weatherproof String

    – Tie a weatherproof string in the popular roosting area just 1 inch above the perching spot. The pigeons will not be able to balance themselves and roosting will become impossible.
  2. Use Sloped Sheathing

    – Install sloped sheaths made of PVC, plywood, or metal to provide a slippery surface for the pigeons. Place these sheaths on window sills, eaves, and ledges so that it becomes difficult for the pigeons to roost.
  1. Install Spike Strips

    – Spike strips can be easily bought from a garden centre or a hardware store. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and install the strips on the popular roosting areas.
  2. Don’t Feed Pigeons

    – Don’t feed the pigeons no matter how tempting it gets. Birds have a sharp memory and they will come back again and again for food.
  3. Eliminate Food Sources

    – Do not provide food items to pigeons. This means you need to get rid of grass seeds and berries falling from olive trees or other bushes. Also, don’t leave cat food or dog food outside as this might become a reason for the pigeons to return.

Scare Them Off

  1. Use “Scare Pigeons”

    – You can buy “scare-pigeons” – a type of decoy to scare off the pigeons. These are lightweight that are available in the form of hawk silhouettes. You can place one where pigeons usually sit. However, keep changing its position otherwise the pigeons will get used to its mute & inactive presence.
  2. Spray Water on Pigeons

    – Make use of the garden hose and spray water directly on the birds when they arrive for the first time. This will make them look for another place to roost.
  3. Install Reflective Surfaces

    – Reflective surface helps in creating a prism effect when the sun’s rays hit it. This impairs the eyesight of the birds. You can use old CDs, reflective tape, or foil balloons to do the job.

Don’ts of Pigeon Removal

  1. Don’t Hurt Pigeons

    – At any cost, do not hurt the pigeons. They are living creatures and they also have the right to survive just like humans.
  2. Don’t Use Polybutylene Gel

    – Polybutylene gel is dangerous for pigeons and other birds. This sticky repellent can damage the feathers of birds. Smaller birds can even die by sticking to this gel.
  3. Don’t Use Ultrasonic Devices

    – These devices are harmful to all kinds of birds and even dogs and cats. So avoid using such a device.


You can use these ideas to get rid of bird infestation. If you are unable to remove pigeons on your own then you can take help from the professional pest controllers. 

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