How To Get That Dreaded Cat Pee Smell Out Of Your Rug?

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If you’re a cat owner, you’re no stranger to cleaning up after your pet’s accidents. But, whether it’s pee or poop, there’s one thing that all pet owners can agree on: cleaning up after a mess is embarrassing and frustratingly difficult. Fortunately for you and your rug, we’ve compiled a list of methods on how to get that dreaded cat pee smell out of your rug. So let’s check them out. 

1. Soak Up As Much Urine As Possible With Towels And Paper Towels

Use a paper towel to soak up as much urine as possible, then use another towel to blot the excess moisture. Don’t rub too hard! The goal is to absorb all the liquid, not scrub away at your carpeting. If there’s still some left after that, try soaking it again in hot water. 

After you’ve soaked up most of the mess, you’ll want to leave your rug alone for a day or two so that it can dry completely before attempting any further cleaning steps.

2. Pat The Area Dry With A Terrycloth Towel

A clean, dry towel is the best tool for patting a urine stain. Please don’t use a sponge or cloth that has been used to clean the carpet; it will only spread bacteria and make things worse. Don’t rub the area either–this can spread bacteria even further. And don’t use a too-wet towel; this will saturate your carpet with water and increase its weight, causing damage over time.

3. Soak The Area With A Carpet Cleaning Solution Made Of White Vinegar And Hot Water

If you have a rug soaked in cat pee, it’s time to get out your cleaning supplies and start scrubbing. The best way to do this is by soaking the area with a carpet cleaning solution made of white vinegar and hot water. 

Vinegar is an all-natural cleaner that works best when mixed with hot water because it helps lift stains from deep within the fibres of your rugs, which could otherwise be impossible for you to reach on your own! Vinegar is also great at disinfecting surfaces, deodorizing smells from pets and humans, removing stains without harsh chemicals, etc.

4. Sprinkle Baking Soda Over The Vinegar Solution

Sprinkle a handful of baking soda over the vinegar solution. Allow it to sit overnight, then vacuum up any residue. Baking soda is excellent for cleaning carpets because it absorbs odours and neutralizes them with its slightly alkaline pH. The smell will be gone entirely after you’ve cleaned your rug with this method!

5. Douse The Spot With An Enzymatic Cleaner

It is an essential step for how to get that dreaded cat pee smell out of your rug. Enzymes are a type of protein that act as catalysts for chemical reactions. They’re found in many household cleaners, foods, plants and animals. One such enzyme is called protease, which breaks down proteins. 

6. Vacuum The Rug To Remove The Baking Soda

Once you’ve sprinkled baking soda on your rug, vacuum the area with a soft brush attachment. Be sure not to use any attachments that will agitate or move around the dirt in your rug, such as a beater bar or rotating brush. Also, avoid vacuums with solid suction power; they can cause damage to delicate fibres in rugs and make them more prone to fraying over time.

7. Spray The Carpet Lightly With Distilled Water After It Dries Completely

Once the carpet has dried, it’s time to spray it lightly with distilled water. It will help to neutralize any lingering odours and prevent future stains. Do not soak the rug with too much water; spray lightly until you see damp spots appear on your rug. Don’t use hot or cold water when doing this because either temperature can damage your rug’s fibres over time.

8. Lastly, Opt For A Rug Cleaning Service

Rugs are expensive, and you want to take good care of them. A professional rug cleaning service will use special equipment and products designed for the task at hand, so they’re more likely to get rid of the cat urine odour from your rug than if you used something else on it yourself.

Professional rug cleaners also have experience working with this kind of thing–they’ve been doing it for years! It means they know what works best when removing odours from fabric, which is especially important when dealing with animal-related issues like cat pee smells in rugs. So, if you’re dealing with a cat urine smell on your rug, it’s best to call in the experts.


So there you have it, the best way how to get that dreaded cat pee smell out of your rug. These methods or steps will work for you and help you eliminate the cat pee smell. However, try to follow them as per the instructions for getting effective results, and there are some benefits of steam cleaning for your rugs and carpets.

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