How To Keep Your White Couch Clean?

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Despite the majority of well-intentioned comments about how hard it is to maintain a white couch, you still decided to buy one. However, we can understand the appeal; it’s stylish and clean, and it gives your living space a stunning appearance. It doesn’t change the truth, that sustaining it can be difficult. When the edges of your brand-new white couch were slightly scratched during its journey into your living room, a small part of yourself might have died. Well, don’t worry! Even though you may be daydreaming about a bright white sofa, if maintenance worries are making you second-guess your decision, read on for the information you need. These suggestions can help you with everything from tough couch stain removal to living with your pets and a clean white sofa. 

Here’s All You Need To Understand About Maintaining And Keeping Your White Couch Clean:

  • Take care of spills and stains: The same rule that applies to all stains also applies to dealing with spots on your white sofa: the quicker you deal with it, the better. The more time a stain remains on the fabric, the more challenging it will be to remove. For removing stains off a white couch, experts suggest two solutions: a water-based cleaning technique and a dry-cleaning chemical method. When using the water-based alternative, blot (do not wipe or scrub!) any wet stains with paper towels until the mark stops coming off the cloth. If the spill is dry, hoover it up. After that, swab the area with a clean, white cloth dampened in a mixture of dish soap and lukewarm water. Experts also suggest employing bleach to get rid of tough stains, but make sure whatever stain removal technique you choose is safe for the fabric of your sofa before applying it. If you’re unclear about how to remove a specific stain or material, you can always see an expert.
  • Preventing Discolouration: It’s crucial to frequently swap cushions because regular use and sunlight exposure might cause your sofa to fade over time. If the couch is frequently in the path of direct sunshine, you may also lower the blinds when you aren’t in the room; this will lessen fading as well. Reducing the chemicals you use on your sofa is another tip offered by Fibre Seal, as these substances can also change the colour of your couch.
  • Use a fabric protector on your couch: Even though you don’t want to constantly have a cover on your sofa—you bought it because you adored the way it appeared without one, after all—having one for your white couch is still essential. Break it out whenever you could be doing something that could be very messy, such as at your upcoming party when the likelihood of red wine spills increases significantly. Consider designating your white sofa as a no-food-or-drink zone if you truly cannot bear to use a slipcover. However, treating the couch using fabric protection that makes it stain and spill resistant, similar to the fabric protector you’d apply on your pricey suede shoes, is a superior preventive precaution. It would be like
  • If you have pets: The most important consideration while looking for a fresh couch and having pets? Aside from the previously specified routine cleanings, of course, the fabric. If you choose a white upholstery cleaning, you should look for a fabric that is easy to clean and resistant to pet stains. The Spruce claims that canvas, denim, microfibre, real and imitation leather, and outdoor textiles that have been treated to repel odours and moisture are the fabrics that are most pet-friendly. Even while that gorgeous linen couch might be screaming your name, if your dog simply enjoys cuddling up next to you on the sofa, you may wish to choose a different fabric.


Here we have discussed how to clean a couch. The drawback of a white couch is that regular cleanings are essential. You should hoover your couch once a week if it is made of fabric, and not only the seat. While vacuuming, make sure to get the upholstery and the frame as well. If your sofa is leather, be sure to wipe it down at least a few times every month. No matter the material, dirt, and dust can accumulate quickly, and they will undoubtedly show up on a white sofa. To keep your couch in good condition for even longer, arrange periodic professional deep cleanings in addition to your routine vacuuming and wipe-downs.

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