Is Steam Cleaning The Same As Carpet Shampooing?

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There are lots of different ways for Professional Carpet Cleaning, yet the most famous ones are Carpet Shampooing and Carpet Steam Cleaning. But do you know what makes them different from each other or are they the same thing? If you don’t know the answer, it’s completely okay as a lot of people don’t know the answer to it. But worry not as we are here to help you with Steam Clean Vs Shampoo Carpet cleaning. We will tell you about everything that you need to know about Carpet Shampooing and Carpet Steam Cleaning right now.

What’s Carpet Shampooing?

It is a special method of cleaning a dirty carpet by using carpet shampoo along with a rotary cleaning brush. But before any Carpet Shampooing can be done, it is important to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Once that vacuuming is completed, the carpet is scrubbed using special shampoo solutions. Afterwards using a rotary brush, it is deep cleaned to remove all the dust and dirt as well as the stains.

An overall clean result is produced by such a deep cleaning. The process does require a high level of skill, though, as overwetting and pile distortion are relatively easy to occur. You can check our blog How To Deep Green Clean Your Carpets.

Carpet Shampooing

When To Use Carpet Shampooing?

One of the questions that people often ask when searching for Steam Clean Vs Carpet Shampoo cleaning is when to use Carpet Shampooing. Knowing when to use the right method of Carpet Cleaning is essential to produce the ideal results. In addition to that, it also helps in protecting the carpet from unwanted damage that can happen due to using the wrong method of cleaning.

You should only use it after thoroughly vacuuming the carpet as any dust and dirt particles can cause irreversible damage to the carpet. In addition to it, you should use it only when it is instructed to do so on the carpet care label.

What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Between the choice of Steam Clean Vs Carpet Shampoo cleaning, we already talked about what Carpet Shampooing is, so it’s time for Carpet Steam Cleaning. It is also one of the many methods that’s available for deep cleaning a carpet. Here, instead of cleaning the carpet by using shampoo or some other detergents, steam is used. And the steam is often mixed with specialised cleaning agents that enter carpet fibres. Once the seam enters inside the carpet, it loosens the grip of the dust and dirt.

And it results in easier removal of dirt and dust. However, that’s not all, there’s also the added benefit of exterminating all the germs, allergens, and bacterias from the carpet as well. After all, they are unable to survive in the high temperature of the steam. So, it also disinfects the carpet in a way. You can check our blog How To Get Pee Stains Out Of Your Carpet.

When To Choose Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Making the wrong choice between Steam Clean Vs Carpet Shampoo cleaning can spell disaster for you. Not only it won’t make the carpet clean, but it can also result in complete destruction of the carpet as well. So, choosing the right method of Carpet Cleaning is essential for you. And you should only choose Carpet Steam Cleaning when you are sure that the carpet material is compatible with it. Due to heavy temperatures, some materials like synthetic nylon can shrink or receive damage. So, it is essential that you verify its safety.

Can You Use Any Of These Methods At Home?

Although it is not impossible for you to do Carpet Steam Cleaning or Carpet Shampooing at home, we do not suggest doing it. Carpets are made from delicate materials, and a single step can completely ruin them. And it is especially true when it comes to Steam Clean Vs Carpet Shampoo cleaning. If you were to listen to our advice, we recommend leaving such a task to someone who is trained and experienced. Why? That’s because there’s a certain level of training and expertise required to properly clean a carpet, and a normal person doesn’t have it.

Who To Hire For Carpet Cleaning?

If you are wondering who you should hire for Best Carpet Cleaning Service, you are in luck today. We are not only here to provide you with information about Steam Clean Vs Carpet Shampoo cleaning, we are also here to help you. At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we have special experts who are available 24x7hrs to help you with cleaning all kinds of carpets. And you can hire them and leave Professional Carpet Cleaning to them. Also you can check out our blog How to Get Rid of Orange Juice Stains and Wood Stains on Carpet.

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