Organic Tick Pest Control

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Pest control for ticks is one big major concern if the house, garden or pet is noticed to suffer from tick infestation. When not treated in the starting, the infestation will spread and can create drastic damage. Tick removal specialists have given many valuable and effortless ways for pest control. Tick removal specialists have found many professional pest control methods using organic products. Using organic products which we can find in our kitchen easily or these organic products are easily found in any grocery store. The most effective organic things which can be used for pest control are apple cider vinegar, vegetable oil, clove, cinnamon oil, and garlic.


Apple cider vinegar: Take apple cider vinegar and mix it with water. Then to make it a more powerful repellent spray for ticks, add some salt or baking soda to the mixture and spray in the areas where there is tick infestation. 

Vegetable oil: Any vegetable oil is known to contain a major amount of insect repelling contents in it, which is one of the most effective natural tick repellents. Now, this can be directly used in the affected areas or can be mixed with water or peppermint essential oil to get better results. You can check our blog How Can Flea Infestation Be Treated?

Clove: Clove is known to possess some bacteria-killing properties. Crush some cloves and add it with any oil, it can be coconut oil or any essential oil and then pour it in the boundaries of the house and can be used inside the house as well. This will keep the house tick free and this will last for a long time, this method lasts for a week.

Garlic: Garlic is known to have some strong tick killing properties. IF possible make a garlic juice by grinding some garlic with water and strain the pulp, and take the extracted liquid and pour or spray in the areas needed to be freed from tick attacks.

Cinnamon oil: Cinnamon has the property of repelling the ticks and can be used to get rid of them. The application of this is as simple as it sounds. Grab some cinnamon oil and mix it with some normal water or warm water. Pour it in a spray bottle or fill a hose sprayer and use it on the areas which are attacked by ticks.

Eucalyptus oil: This works strongly against ticks. Put eucalyptus leaves in warm or hot water. Strain and get the extracted liquid and use this liquid in areas inside and outside of the house. This will keep the ticks away and also gives a pleasant smell to the house. Also you can check out our blog Organic Remedies to Treat and Control Dog Fleas.

These are the most effective organic pest control things which experts have suggested to get rid of ticks.

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