Tips For Maintaining Your Fabric Sofa Without Chemicals

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The fabric sofas look great and they are so cozy. But this can be quite a nightmare when it comes to cleaning. There can be spills here and there. Fabric Sofa Cleaning Brisbane can be quite a difficult task but you should be cautious regarding it. You should clean the couches every 2 to 3 months. Sometimes, fast clothing colors get stuck on the fabric sofas creating problems and nuisances. With the right level, you can clean it professionally.

Ways Of Maintaining Fabric Sofas

Cleaning The Sofas Regularly

If you want to maintain your sofas for a long time, clean them regularly. The fibers tend to collect dust particles. Further, it gets hidden only below the surface levels. There are certain ways to keep the sofas dust-free. Some of the ways are:

Vacuum the sofas until the fabric sofa is free from all dust particles. Fabric Sofa Cleaning involves vacuuming as well. You can use a brush attachment for the same. Move the brush gently to avoid any kind of scratching. So, it’s important for fabrics like velvet.

After vacuuming, take a slightly damp cloth and remove any kind of debris remaining. You can use a fabric-friendly product every once in a while. These help in the deep cleaning part. Take a small amount of water while leaving the cleaner to put to work.

Allow the sofa to rest for some time. It will prevent any crease from forming on the sofas. In the summer seasons, you can open all the house’s windows. It will allow air ventilation to keep the sofas dry and in good condition.

Cleaning Of The Loose Sofa Covers

couch steam cleaner involves cleaning the loose sofa covers as well. Take out the covers and wash them individually. Further, you can machine wash as well depending on the label on the instructions.

You should also clean the velvet sofas making them look great. So, to preserve the look, take a special velvet brush.

Choose To Keep The Sofas In The Shady Spots

If the sofa is kept out in direct sunlight, it will damage the natural qualities. It is recommended to keep the furniture in shady places. It will cause no damage in the long run.

How To Clean Spills On The Sofa Fabrics?

If you are unlucky, there is a good chance that you might spill something on your sofa. The best thing is to remove any liquid as soon as possible. Soak the fibers in the liquid to minimize the stain from forming. Then take a kitchen cloth to blot the liquid surface. Take a fresh cloth to remove any marks appearing.

Chemicals are not good for leather couch cleaning. Baking soda, vinegar along with warm water are best for cleaning stains. If you have any pets, do hair removal to keep the sofas in good condition.


Fabric cleaning is an essential part of maintaining the sofa. Take it seriously and clean the fabrics when there is time.

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