What Are Treatments For Stem Borers?

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Have you ever heard about the stem borer? These pests are present in the agricultural field. This sort of pest ruins the crop. A stem borer is a plant pest that mostly affects rice crops. It is a stem boring insect that is a dangerous pest for rice. Not just rice, it can also affect other crops such as wheat, maize, and sugarcane. The stem borer appears like caterpillars and damages these crops by making them boring inside their plant stems. If these pests are not controlled then they can cause huge damage to the crops. What to do in such cases? What is the Treatment for stem borer? These are a few questions that come to people’s minds when they see their crops affected by a stem borer. You can check our blog 4 Important Reasons You Should Be Doing Regular Pest Control.

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Before going to the treatment of these borers, let’s have a look at the damage that they can cause-

Damage caused by Stem borer

These have a small yellow-brown body and white-yellow forewings. They mainly create tunnels or bores inside the plant stems. In this, there will be a passage for other pests and diseases into the stalks which cause increased crop losses. If the rice stalks are infested then they easily get broken by the wind. In this way, most of the rice crop will fall off causing huge damage to the farmers.

Here are some of the treatments that you can try for the prevention of stem borer-

  • First of all, you need to look out for signs of infestation stem borer in the plants. If it gets detected early you can pick and remove them from the plants. Also, Stem borer treatment can be a good option to get rid of these pests.
  • You can also slit the lower stem to open it with a sharp knife and remove the larva. Once disinfected, add rich soil near the slit vines as it helps in the rerooting process.
  • Another treatment that you can adopt is the sprinkling of black pepper around the plants to get rid of them.
  • You can also cover the stems strips by making use of the nylon stockings. Apart from this, using aluminum foil can also be useful for creating a barrier to prevent egg-laying.
  • One of the best treatments for stem borer can be the growth of snake gourd in the farming land as it is more resistant to pests. You can check our blog Are Pest Control Services Worth The Money?

There are many traditional remedies also that you can try to get rid of these pests. However, one of the effective ways can be calling the Pest Treatment service. Indeed, it is a very effective method against stem borers as they use chemicals and pesticides for this.


A stem borer is a pest that damages crops such as rice, maize, and wheat. They make bore inside the stem to damage the entire crop. Get effective Pest Control Brisbane so that they can be removed.

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