Know The Best Pest Control Idea For Termite Removal

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Once termites get into your property, they are quite adept at leaving your place the same way they enter. In fact, the clicking sounds coming from your doors and windows made of wood are solely because of termites. Because termites cause these sounds when their colonies are disturbed and bang their heads from inside wood structures. Thus, it is better to know the best pest control idea for termite removal at residential or commercial properties. To give you more assurance for the same, we have more than one way for termite removal right in your budget. So, take a look at our blog. 

All Kinds Of Pest Control Ideas For Termite Removal

To let you know the best pest control idea for termite removal, we came up with different methods like the following:

  • Physical Methods 
  • Use Parasite Nematodes 

One of the best physical methods for termite removal is to use parasitic Nematodes as they kill all stages of soil-dwelling pests like termites. In fact, Nematodes are the best physical weapon one can use against soil-inhabiting and above-ground pests. So, take some Nematodes to leave areas of termites infested in your property for effective results. For example, you can take either Nematodes like whipworms, earthworms, pinworms, filarial Nematodes, Ascaris, etc. To purchase these Nematodes, you can get in touch with online stores or local nurseries that sell them. In fact, if you start implementing this method, Nematodes kill termites and their larvae in just 2 days. 

  • Go With Oil Treatment

If you want to take a measure until you call in for a termite removal professional aid, you can opt for oil treatment. Oils work as the best repellents for termites and sometimes even kill potential termites invading your property. So, for oil treatment like this, you can choose orange oil or neem oil as a temporary solution instead of purchasing termite solutions. These oils show effective results in the form of wood termite treatment because of a compound known as d-limonene. Therefore, pour any of these oils into termite-infested areas of your place and let it take effect. You can do this treatment repeatedly if you are waiting for termite controllers to avail. 

  • Chemical Methods 
  • Boric Acid 

A mineral that is considered poisonous for termites is boric acid and it can be considered as a successful chemical method. Action if boric acid acts rightly on termites as it directly attacks the nervous system of termites, causing them to quickly dehydrate. In fact, this chemical method is a tried-and-true technique to kill termites along with their larvae and eggs. One way of implementing this method is to apply a thick layer of boric acid over infested areas of termites. The second way of using boric acid for termite removal is to mix a spoonful of boric acid with two cups of hot water and mix it thoroughly. Then, take this solution into a clean and dry spray bottle to spray it over doors, windows, furniture made of wood, etc.

  • Fipronil

Fipronil is a liquid insecticide that comes under the phenylpyrazole chemical family and it helps in disrupting the central nervous system of termites. In fact, termites are a ligand-gated ion channel with GABAA receptors and glutamate-gated chloride channels. And Fipronil inspection affects these channels of termites by slowly making them inactive to perform daily activities. However, you should be careful while using this chemical as it has low to medium toxic levels in them, affecting you.

  • DIY Methods 
  • Vinegar & Lemon

Although vinegar and lemon have different acidic strengths, together combined, they kill termites both indoors and outdoors. Because the combination of these solutions put together makes an altogether powerful termite removal solution. This, in turn, damages the exoskeleton of termites while effectively removing termites from your property. So, to prepare this powerful solution, you need to first squeeze out 2 lemons of juice to mix it in about 20 ml of vinegar. After that, store this solution in a dry spray bottle. Then, wherever or whenever you find signs of termites in your home, spray this solution over those infested places.

  • A Wet Cardboard Bait

There is no one that isn’t unaware of the fact that termites love furniture and cardboard made from wood, especially if they are wet. As these wooden structures are made of cellulose-containing material, termites forage for them on your property. So, if you want to count on this DIY method, take a cardboard (made of wood) wet it and place it in areas that termites frequent. Slowly, this wet cardboard bait attracts termites and once you confirm enough termites are attracted, remove it to burn. 

  • Professional Termite Removal Ideas

Based on the factors like property size, shape and severity of termite infestation, professionals execute different ideas that include the following: 

  • Chemical Termite Barriers- Repellent and non-repellent chemical barriers
  • Physical Termite Barriers- Membranes, collars, metal ant capping, stainless steel mesh, term coat, aggregates, foams and sealants 
  • Termite Dusting- Terminator dust and arsenic trioxide
  • Termite Baiting- Agenda, sentricon, nemesis, trelona ATBS and exterra 
  • Termite Nest- Direct and indirect nest destruction methods
  • Termite Monitoring Systems-
    • An in-ground monitoring tube 
    • 2 above-ground monitoring boxes
    • A monitoring hole with 4 blocks of wood
    • 2 paper and toxicant columnar and hollow termite baits. 

In this way, professionals find the right idea to make your property free of termites from building foundations to innermost storage rooms.


Are you finding it a terrifying task after you got to know the best pest control idea for termite removal? Then let the idea be and rather count on professional services. Professionals have a wide range of pest control services like termites, spiders, ants, bees, silverfish, cockroaches, birds and others. So, for better and more effective results for pest control at home, go with no other choice than professional pest control services. In fact, it is the right step you will be taking towards making your property infrastructure to its best form. Thus, make yourself free of hassling with termites and other pest DIYs for a pest-free environment. 

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