Home Remedies To Clean Tiles And Grouts

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It is true that a lot of energy is essential to scrub all the tiles of your property. Doing all this by yourself is not an easy task. Applying harmful chemicals destroys the tiles therefore you must ensure that only natural tile and grout cleaning solutions are brought into the play.

You must be knowing tile and grout polishing can increase the life of your tiles and also give them a new look. If you are browsing for the best tile and grout cleaning remedies then here are your best options.

Tips And Tricks To Clean Your Tiles And Grouts By Yourself

Since the tiles are mostly prone to water and soap scum they become more stained. Tiles are highly porous and therefore the dirt accumulates there. It is a mess if you do not know the correct way of cleaning. The following are some DIY hacks which can help you out.

  • Applying some baking soda with hot water cleans the tiles and grouts densely. The paste of baking soda is left for a few minutes and then cleaned with a cloth. 
  • A mild mixture of vinegar and water is also in use for tile and grout cleaning. Spray the mixture on the tiles and leave it for 5 minutes then scrub the tiles with a brush. Afterwards, wash the tiles with warm water.
  • Scrubbing hydrogen peroxide mixture is also one of the great methods of tile and grout cleaning. All the germs from the grout lines are easily being removed by scrubbing.
  • Regular cleaning of tiles with hot water and keeping it dry also helps to maintain the shine of the tiles.
  • A multipurpose cleaner for example borax is commonly used in tile and grout cleaning. It even cleans the sinks and the kitchen shelves.
  • Make sure that you always wipe off all the water properly after taking a bath.
  • Mouthwash is also frequently in use. It kills all the bacteria in the tile lines.
  • Likewise, there are a lot more chances of mould and mildew growth due to the moist surface of the tiles. Applying lemon juice in the affected area for a few hours is a great way of removing them.
  • Many times peppermint is added to the rubbing alcohol. It helps in regular tile and grout cleaning, additionally, peppermint is used to keep the ants and the mice away and rubbing alcohol is used to keep the tiles and grout sanitized. 


You can use these tricks for kitchen as well as bathroom tiles. This will not only keep your tiles looking good but also will keep the harmful germs away from causing disease. Furthermore, if the condition of your tile is too bad to handle then you can employ experts.

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