How To Clean Greasy Tile And Grout

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Your greasy tile giving a bad impression and looking gross? Grease on tiles is caused by mainly cooking oil which develops a layer on the grout which becomes hard to remove over time. Therefore, you must look out for it immediately. Soon it will become a dirt magnet which will change the tile’s colour, damaging the tile’s texture and reducing its life. 

This is why grease on tiles becomes a matter of high concern and having greasy tile and grout cleaning becomes a necessity. You must know the appropriate methods to perform greasy tile and grout cleaning at home. The process could look tiresome but if you follow the below given easy and effective steps, it would be done in no time. Although, it requires great concentration and attention. Moreover, make sure that you have a professional grout color sealing services once a month to avoid severe damage.

Steps To Ensure Safe Greasy Tile and Grout Cleaning

Here are the most important steps to be followed strictly in order to ensure safe and effective home remedies to clean tiles and grouts. These are practiced by the professionals:

  •     Step 1- Surface Grease Removal

You can use paper towels to accumulate grease and remove it from the surface. It helps to remove the excess oil settled on the tile surface. Try to clean as much grease as you can with the cloth to avoid severe damage. Moreover, this helps to make the further cleaning process a bit easy by getting rid of the extra grease.

  •     Step 2- Wiping the Tiles

After removing grease and excess oils from the surface, you must wipe the floor with a damped cloth in order to soften the grease particle. This step makes it smooth to remove the grease at the further stage. Additionally, you must ensure to use the right temperature of the warm water for cleaning. It should be hot enough to soften the grease and not to burn your hands.

  •      Step 3 – Forming the Cleaning Solution

Now it’s time to create a solution that will help you get rid of the grease on your tiles. For that, you should make a solution using 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and warm water. You can make the solution in a bucket and could use a sponge to soak it or rub it on the tiles. Make sure that the texture of the solution is foamy, the more foamy the texture, the more effective the cleaning agent.

  •    Step 4 – Using the Solution

Now the solution is formed, it is time to apply it to the grease. Soak the sponge in the made solution and start by rubbing it in a circular motion all over the greasy area. If you find a place with an excess amount of grease, you can also use a dishwashing liquid in that case. Pour 2 to 3 drops of the dishwashing liquid over the greasy area and rub it with the solution-soaked sponge. It will definitely remove the grease from that area.

  •    Step 5- Treating Hard Stains

Make sure to rub the solution-soaked sponge hard on the stubborn stains. If the stain is still reluctant to be eliminated, make a paste using baking soda and warm water. The paste should be thick in order to remove stains quickly. Apply this paste over the stain and let it rest for an hour. 

After the paste is dried, the stain will no longer be there. However, if this baking soda method does not work then use a solution of white vinegar and warm water. Spray it 5 to 6 times on the stain and wipe it after 5 minutes. This will surely remove the stains.

  •      Step 6- Completing the Process

After all the cleaning process has been done, you must wipe all the areas thoroughly. You can use a hosepipe for the same. Pressure must be applied with water in order to clean the floor completely.


Follow these steps and clean your greasy tiles and grout like a pro. However, you can also involve professional tile cleaners to finish this job without any hassle. Do not get worried about your greasy tiles and grout, take your time and get rid of the problem with the above-given solutions. 

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